Bethany’s Black Floral Co-ord Outfit

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Bethany Platt's Black Floral Outfit - Gail's WeddingBethany Platt's Black Floral Outfit - Gail's Wedding - Where From - SoapStyle

We have the scoop on where Bethany Platt’s floral outfit, worn in Corrie is from.

Everyone donned their glad rags in tonight’s Corrie for Gail and Micheal’s wedding. It made a refreshing change from EastEnders, where most characters have been dressed for funerals most of the week.

The self-proclaimed Queen of Style Bethany wore what we initially thought was a dress whilst propping up the bar and secretly downing the Cava. We soon realised it was actually a floral co-ord outfit from here.

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Featured: 24 Apr 2015
Also seen: 21 Oct & 11 Dec 2015

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