Stacey’s White & Black Collar Top


Stacey's White & Black Collar Top - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleStacey's White & Black Collar Top - EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Details on Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) white top with black collar, worn in EastEnders.

This marks our second fashion find for Stacey tonight, as we’ve already published details on her new red boucle coat. Whilst first talking to Kat in the kitchen (did you notice Stacey was wearing that key prominently around her neck again?) and later complaining about her life to Whitney, Stacey wore the above striking geo print top.

We’ll tell you right away that it’s an old one by Oasis, originally priced around £38. We think the wardrobe department may have kept a few of the character’s clothes back since purchase, as some much older items have popped-up on screen for the first time recently!

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Featured: 27 & 28 Apr 2015
Also featured: 19 May & 6 Jul 2015