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SoapStyle is here to help you to find and buy selected clothes you’ve seen on your favourite soap characters. With new clothes added frequently and details right after most episodes, we might have just what you’re looking for!

This website started after admiring a cardigan worn in EastEnders. We searched high and low trying to find out where it was from in order to purchase one, but didn’t have much luck at all. We finally managed to track it down and thought that other people might want to know about it too, so we created a simple blog with all the details on where to find it…

It was from there that SoapStyle was born. We have successfully sourced over 700 wardrobe items to date and by popular request, SoapStyle has grown from just specialising in EastEnders to including clothes as seen in Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale. We’ve even sourced wallpaper and decor items and have been featured during “Women’s Hour” on BBC Radio 4!

We hope you enjoy visiting SoapStyle.co.uk and that we’ve helped you find what you wanted. If you like what we do, our Twitter and Facebook pages are updated with our latest finds — we’d love to see you there too.

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We aim to find as much as we can and publish details as quickly as possible by sourcing items that we think most readers will like.

This is not currently a request service and unfortunately we cannot answer / fulfil individual enquiries due to time constraints. If you submit requests, please consider it as registering an interest with us rather than something that will be actioned. We read all comments but often cannot respond personally. Please do not be offended by this.

Note that we cannot find items from old episodes and we do not generally source clothing worn by actors ‘in real life’ with the exception of some television award events.

Social Media

Due to SoapStyle not being a full-time occupation, priority will currently be given to maintaining and updating the website. This means we cannot regularly respond personally to comments on our social media pages and may temporarily disable them, to avoid any misunderstanding or offence.

New finds / updates will always be posted directly to soapstyle.co.uk. It is unlikely we will post every find on social media at the moment, so please check this website first.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you’re done, please have a look at our latest soap outfit finds.

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You are welcome to share our content via social media with credit, but we do not authorise the use of our research and work for personal or commercial gain. This includes, but is not limited to the information contained within SoapStyle.co.uk or shared via our social media pages.

Do not post information gained from SoapStyle on any other websites/media without contacting us first. Please contact us via the form above prior to publishing information gained from SoapStyle on any other websites/media.

Product Information

We endeavour to ensure that any finds we include within this website are, unless otherwise stated, the closest to what you have seen worn by your favourite character. We take considerable pride in sourcing the closest matches for our readers rather than simply providing vague look-a-likes. However, we cannot guarantee that any find we include is an exact match. Please use your own judgement before making a purchase. You can always watch an episode again via the relevant on-demand service to ensure you are satisfied with our selection.

As with any online shopping, the item you receive may differ slightly from retail product pictures or what you have seen a character wear on screen. We are not responsible for purchases, transactions or content on external sites and encourage you to take the standard precautions.

Product links may be affiliated [ Disclosure ].

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Last but not least…

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the highly skilled people that work within the costume and wardrobe departments for the soaps we cover. We hope this site helps a little bit towards the requests they likely receive on a daily basis!