Kevin’s Cream & Blue Spot Living Room Sofa Throw

Coronation Street

Kevin Webster's Living Room Sofa Throw - Corrie - SoapStyleKevin Webster's Living Room Sofa Throw - Corrie - Where From - SoapStyle

Details on a match for Kevin Webster’s spot throw, as seen draped over the sofa in the character’s living room in Coronation Street.

Occasionally we receive enquiries about wallpaper and decoration items that have appeared in soap living room sets.

One request on Facebook was regarding Kevin Webster’s large spot throw, which often features prominently in scenes at Kevin’s house. We’re not sure exactly when it first appeared on screen – it may have been soon after the great Le Coeur Manhattan Range lip sofa debacle!

The match pictured above is by Bocasa and sadly out of stock. We have found a similar version by a different brand in multicolour spot.

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Featured: Apr 2015
Also seen: 2016 & 2017