Nancy’s Zig Zag Pattern Dress

Hollyoaks - Hollyoaks - Nancy's Zig Zag Pattern Dress - 30th April - On Screen

Nancy’s zig zag chevron pattern dress, as seen in Hollyoaks.

Nancy has always had a great sense of style. Although the character’s wardrobe has moved away from head-to-toe vintage, there are still accents in her outfits. The wardrobe designers must have a lot of fun with this character! Do you remember Nancy when she first arrived? She was into the metal scene, complete with a huge tribal tattoo across one shoulder. We sometimes wonder how that suddenly disappeared and would love to know if it was covered in a storyline we missed.

We fell in love with Nancy’s bright zig zag chevron pattern dress as soon as we saw it and immediately got on the case. We’ve been quite busy of late, so we’re just posting the details now after a friendly request on Facebook reminded us. You may not be overly familiar with the brand Louche, but that is where this dress is from and we recommend you have a look at their whole range if you love vintage prints and dresses. This is the ‘Duchess Zig Zag Dress’, the cut of which is hugely popular and sells fast.

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Featured: 30 Apr & 10 Jun 2014