Mercedes McQueen’s Coats, Jackets & Kimonos


Here is a round-up of some of Mercedes’ (Jennifer Metcalfe) outerwear seen in Hollyoaks that we have ID’d so far.

Mercedes’ Yellow Biker Jacket

Mercedes' yellow biker jacket in Hollyoaks - SoapStyleMercedes' yellow biker jacket in Hollyoaks - Match - SoapStyle

Mercedes quite often wears this eye-catching yellow faux suede jacket. We have a theory that Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) can wear pretty much any colour, but she looks especially great in bold tones such as this.

Featuring buckle detail and 3/4 sleeves, our match above was available here earlier in 2016. We think the belt may sometimes be removed because it’s not always visible.

21/22 Jun, 3 Aug 2016 & 12/13 Apr 2017

Mercedes’ White Leopard / Cheetah Kimono

Mercedes Leopard Kimono – Hollyoaks – Episode – SoapStyleMercedes Leopard Kimono - Hollyoaks - Details - SoapStyle

Whilst learning the truth about Joe’s prognosis, Mercedes wore the above gorgeous long kimono with a striking monochrome illustration. It also features a beaded neckline and flowing tassels. This was from River Island. It was possibly a limited edition piece. The ones we found listed sold within hours of being featured, but you can check if any more are available via our tailored search here.

Featured: 13/14 Aug & 21 Oct 2015

Mercedes’ Neon Zigzag Print Kimono

Mercedes' Neon Aztec Kimono - Hollyoaks - Episode - SoapStyleMercedes' Neon Aztec Kimono in Hollyoaks - Details - SoapStyle

Mercedes wore the above neon pattern Kimono during a few episodes in 2015. Our match was from H&M the same year.

Featured: 14 & 17 Aug 2015

Mercedes’ Red & Black Quilted Jacket

Picture of Mercedes' red quilted jacket as seen in Hollyoaks

This was an extremely popular wardrobe item when Mercedes first wore it on screen. The above match is the ‘Bonnie Quilted Blazer’ from here.

Featured: 19 & 20 Nov 2014

Mercedes’ Black & White Biker Jacket - Hollyoaks - Mercedes Black & White Tribal Biker Jacket

Mercedes wore the above jacket whilst plotting against Sonny with the other McQueens. This was originally £50 from River Island earlier in 2013. The same style of jacket was also previously worn by Janine in EastEnders before her last departure, so that might give you an idea of how far back this goes.

P.S. We think we may have identified a wardrobe faux pas in Hollyoaks Village: Maxine has also worn this!

Featured: 15 Sept 2014

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