Stacey’s Blue Military / Skater Coat

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Stacey's Blue Military CoatSoapStyle - EastEnders - Stacey's Blue Military Coat


We have found a match for Stacey’s navy coat, as worn during multiple EastEnders episodes.

Could there be a new fashion icon on the square? We’ve been admiring Stacey’s style since the character’s return and it looks as though she has some great new clothes, after her previous wardrobe was lost in the fire started by Alfie.

This one has us a bit puzzled… The reason being is that the match we have dates back to 2012 from M&Co and is no longer in stock. We’re wondering if the wardrobe department picked this up at a charity shop.

We would love it if this was meant to be the case, as we feel that Stacey wouldn’t necessarily have enough spare money to exclusively spend on a brand new wardrobe right now.

Whilst this is the closest match we have, feel free to let us know if you’ve seen this in the shops somewhere else.

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Featured: Oct 2014
Also featured: 4 Dec 2015