Carla’s Black & Grey Contrast Sleeve Top

Coronation Street

SoapStyle - Corrie - Carla's Black & Grey Sleeve Top - In EpisodeSoapStyle - Corrie - Carla's Black & Grey Sleeve Top - Where From

Carla’s (Alison King) contrast sleeve top, as seen in Coronation Street.

Both of Monday’s episodes of Coronation Street were very intense, as Carla confronted Rob with her suspicions. This type of scene always makes Carla’s flats seem very claustrophobic – albeit beautifully decorated!

We were asked about her top and our initial thoughts were that this was an older item. It seems as though this could be right as the match we found was originally £26 from Topshop and no longer available online. Note that Carla often wears her sleeves rolled or pushed-up to create a 3/4 length look.

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Featured: 27 Oct 2014