Sharon’s Biker Jacket


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Wondered where Sharon’s biker jacket is from? We’ve found it!

Readers of our Jack Branning post have probably realised that we’re not convinced by the whole Sharon / Jack thing. The sooner she puts him out of his misery and requites Phil’s ‘love’, the better. Wedding in three weeks? We doubt it.

Anyway, back to business: Sharon’s jacket. Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) does tend to saunter about the square a lot doesn’t she. This gives us ample opportunity to look at her biker jacket.

Sharon’s jacket isn’t completely leather. It just has leather like trim on the collar with gold hardware, so it’s more of a biker style blazer than a full-on biker jacket. It’s from ZARA’s AW12 collection and retailed for around £88 originally. It’s now sold out, but you can check if any are currently listed here.

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