Ronnie Mitchell’s Clothes & Style


Clothes worn by the character Ronnie Mitchell (Samantha Womack) in the Soap EastEnders; including her coat, blouses & dresses.

Ronnie always had a very smart sense of style, although that evolved into a much more relaxed look during the later part of her time on the Square. Here are some of the character’s past outfits before the onset of the oversize tartan shirts and comfy leggings prior to the character’s dramatic departure on 1st January 2017.

Ronnie’s Grey Waterfall Coat

Picture of Ronnie wearing her grey waterfall coat in EastEnders

The above coat was a new addition to Ronnie’s wardrobe when she returned to our screens after Samantha Womack’s extended break in 2014. Viewers will be more than familiar with it as we estimate this coat has been seen in at least 20 episodes! Its final appearance was during the 29th December 2016 episode. We ID’d this as coming from River Island earlier in 2014.

Featured: 2014: Oct & Nov
2015: Jan, 3 Aug, 15,19,26 Oct, 9,10 Nov, 24 Dec
2016: 10,29 Mar, 5,10,12 May, 7 Jun, 24,27,28,30 Jun, 5, 29 Dec

Ronnie’s Red Dress

Picture of Ronnie wearing her red shift dress in EastEnders

Phil Mitchell (of all people) made an astute fashion observation when Ronnie first wore this outfit: The colour suits her. It might be one of the reasons why this dress was our most-requested item of clothing for the character! We ID’d it as coming from the AW13 collection at Ted Baker and were slightly disappointed that it only made two appearances. There may be a second chance to buy if there are any listings in our tailored search here.

Featured: 3 & 4 Mar 2014

Ronnie’s White & Black Blouse

Picture of Ronnie wearing her black & white blouse in EastEnders

There were plenty of admirers of Ronnie’s classic silky white blouse with black drop collar when it appeared on screen. The first time we saw the character wear this ASOS top, was when she returned to the Square earlier in 2013. The relaxed pyjama style would still look good today!

Featured: 31 Dec 2013

Ronnie’s Pink / Red Shirt

Picture of Ronnie Mitchell wearing her red shirt in EastEnders

We received plenty of requests for this when it was first worn around the time that Ronnie and Charlie Cotton got together. It was difficult to get a precise read of the colour because under the studio lights this blouse looked red, whilst during outside scenes it appeared to be more of a pink/coral. We found out this was from a past season at ASOS.

Featured: 17 Oct 2014 & 4 Aug, 22 Sept 2015

Ronnie’s Number Print Blouse

Picture of Ronnie wearing her number print blouse in EastEnders

We think that Ronnie has only worn this ASOS blouse twice since it was first seen on screen in 2013. If you take a closer look you’ll see that the print consists of little number clusters.

Featured: Jan 2014

Ronnie’s Batwing Top

Picture of Ronnie's batwing top in EastEnders

This abstract print top was quite a departure from Ronnie’s usual style, which might be why we’ve only seen the character wear it once to date. Our closest match above was from Mint Velvet.

Featured: Nov 2015

Ronnie’s Black & Silver Dress

Picture of Ronnie wearing her black and silver dress in EastEnders

This dress worn for Roxy and Alfie’s wedding featured a black floral print over an eye-catching shimmery material. Fully lined and with a zip fastening, it also had a tulle underlay to create a full skirt. It was from here sometime in 2013.

Featured: 25 & 26 Nov 2013

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