Leanne’s Butterfly Print Blouse

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Picture of Leanne wearing her black floral and butterfly print blouse in Coronation Street

Find out where Leanne’s black blouse worn in Coronation Street is from.

Leanne has a collection of some of the nicest blouses we’ve seen in Soapland! In tonight’s episode, the character wore something a little bolder than her usual style with this collarless silk shirt featuring an unusual botanical print and large colourful butterflies. You may have noticed that Leanne’s shirt also has concealed buttons and a tie waist to create optional definition at the middle.

Our match above from here was available earlier in 2016.

Featured: 3 & 28 Oct 2016
Also seen: 19 Dec 2016 & 20 Mar 2017