Pam Coker’s Clothes & Style


Clothes worn by the character Pam Coker (Lin Blakely) in the Soap EastEnders; including her dresses, cardigans & jackets.

Hardly an episode of EastEnders goes by when Pam isn’t seen wearing some kind of floral print or pattern. You can take the girl away from the florist stall but you can’t take the florist away from the girl! Pam’s style has been a success here, with viewers of all ages admiring her botanical-themed wardrobe.

Pam’s Floral Bomber Jacket

Picture of Pam Coker wearing her satin floral bomber jacket in EastEnders

Proving that age is no barrier when it comes to following fashion, Pam wore this lovely on-trend satin bomber jacket from here during the summer of 2016 that unsurprisingly sparked a lot of interest. One of our favourite Pam scenes whilst wearing this jacket was when she sent Babe’s chips flying; it was the very least she deserved!

Featured: 6 Jun & 12 Jul 2016

Pam’s Dark Pink Floral Jacket

Picture of Pam Coker wearing her dark pink floral jacket in EastEnders

This M&S jacket has proved popular in Soapland since we ID’d it back in August 2015; Cathy Matthews also wears one in Coronation Street!

Featured: 18 Aug 2015 & 27 May, 15 Jul, 14 Oct 2016

Pam’s Satin Floral Print Dress

Picture of Pam Coker wearing her satin floral prom dress in EastEnders

Pam looked beautiful whilst celebrating the Coker & Sons’ 100th anniversary. This dress from here has been one of our most popular fashion finds for the character. Pam added a purple skinny belt and lightweight cardigan to complete the look.

Featured: 30/31 Jul 2016

Pam’s Sparkly Heels / Sandals

Picture of Pam Coker wearing her sparkly heels in EastEnders

Along with Pam’s gorgeous floral dress, we ID’d her Miss KG shoes worn for the same occasion. The product image doesn’t really do them justice, so we’re hoping you saw just how sparkly they were on-screen.

Featured: 30/31 Jul 2016

Pam’s Floral Pattern Cardigan

Picture of Pam wearing her floral print cardigan in EastEnders

Pam opted for a slightly muted choice of floral wear around the time the Cokers lost their Grandson Paul. Her striking grey / black and contrasting trim ‘daisy’ pattern cardigan was available from here earlier in 2016. This appeared on-screen throughout July and September.

Featured: 21/22 Jul & 22 Sept 2016

Pam’s Floral Panel Jumper Top

Picture of a match for Pam's floral jumper top in EastEnders

During the height of Aunt Babe’s idiotic blackmail scheme, Pam gave her what-for whilst wearing the above Phase Eight top featuring a beautiful floral print in an aubergine colour palette. This was also seen during the Thursday 6th October episode.

Featured: 28/30 Jun & 6 Oct 2016

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