Lucy Beale’s Tops & Shirts


Lucy’s style was predominantly defined by her delicate lace tops in cream and pastel colours. Here is a round-up of the tops we ID’d between 2013 and Lucy’s departure in 2015.

Lucy Beale’s Monochrome Palm Top - EastEnders - Lucy Beale's Black & White Palm - EastEnders - Lucy Beale's Black & White Palm Tee - Where From

You will no doubt be familiar with the last publicity shots of Hetti Bywater as Lucy taken during the build-up to her departure. What interested us about these shots (apart from the ‘Twin Peaks’ / Laura Palmer feel to them) is that most of the wardrobe appears to be new – including the above monochrome palm print top, which was £20 from Topshop.

We were not only left wondering: “Who killed Lucy Beale?”, but also “What will happen to Lucy’s wardrobe..?”

Featured: 22 Apr 2014

Lauren & Lucy’s Spotted Polka Dot Shirt - EastEnders - Lauren & Lucy's Polkadot Blouse - On - EastEnders - Lucy & Lauren's Polkadot Shirt

We posted details on Lauren ‘n’ Lucy’s matching suits here and also found their chic black and white polka dot spotted blouse from River Island.

Featured: 28 & 31 Mar 2014

Lucy’s White Dog Print Shirt Top

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Dog Print Shirt Top - 12th July - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Dog Print Shirt Top - 12th July - Where From

Not only did we find Lucy’s fluffy cream cardigan (here), but we also got the details about her sweet dog print blouse.

This is actually one of two dog print tops from ZARA that Lucy wore — being ‘dog people’ ourselves, we loved them! The buttons on this blouse also have sparkly diamanté detail. The good news is that there may still be a second chance to buy via any listings from here.

Featured: 21 May 2013
Also seen: 12 Jul 2013

Lucy’s Light Blue Dog Blouse

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Light Blue Dog Print Top

It was always a tough job getting a decent screen grab of Lucy! She was always pulling funny faces. You wouldn’t necessarily notice it when watching an episode, but the minute you freeze-frame, she’s either doing something odd with her mouth or looking sulky.

Lucy’s lovely dog print top was from Zara’s TRF collection where it was also available in an off-white version.

Featured: 8 Apr 2013
Also seen: 19 Jul 2013

Lucy’s White Polka Dot / Dobby Top With Bow - EastEnders - Lucy's White Polka Dot Top With Bow - 8th November - On - EastEnders - Lucy's White Polka Dot Top With Bow - 8th November

Lucy was only on screen for a fleeting moment during the 8th November 2013 episode, but that was enough for a couple of you to enquire about her sheer polka dot top with pretty bow detail. This kind of delicate top became Lucy’s trademark style.

It was originally £36 from Topshop and came in a lovely black version too.

Featured: 8 Nov 2013
Also seen: 24 Mar 2014

Lucy’s White Lace Top - EastEnders - Lucy's White Lace Top with Fringe Detail - 31st October - On - EastEnders - Lucy's White Lace Top with Fringe Detail - 31st October - Where From

During EastEnders’ ghoulish Halloween episode, Lucy and Peter were desperate to avoid spending the evening in Cindy Jnr’s company. Lucy was once again wearing lace – this time a delicate top with fringe detail from Topshop (again). She wore this one a number of times.

Featured: 31 Oct 2013

Lucy’s Grey Lace / Crochet Top - EastEnders - Lucy's Grey Lace / Crochet Cropped T-Shirt - 29th July - On - EastEnders - Lucy's Grey Lace / Crochet Cropped T-Shirt - 29th July

We know the above photo doesn’t show much of the top, but it was so nice to include a picture of Lucy smiling for a change! Her hairstyle here really suited her and we think she looked lovely in this cropped grey lace t-shirt… Yep, it’s another Lucy wardrobe item with lace! This was from Topshop and sold out after we first featured it. - EastEnders - Lucy's Grey Lace Cropped Top - 29th July - Where From

Featured: 29 Jul 2013

Lucy’s Sheer Pink Lace Top - EastEnders - Lucy Beale's Sheer Lace Top - 18th - EastEnders - Lucy's Sheer Pink Lace Top

Plenty of pouting and sulking coming from Lucy (Hetti Bywater) during the 18th July episode, but she still managed to look pretty in pink with yet another gorgeous Topshop top.

Featured: 18 Jul 2013
Also seen: 22 Oct 2013

Lucy’s Lace Panel Sleeveless Top - EastEnders - Lucys Green Sleeveless Top with Crochet Panel - 15th July

It wasn’t often that we saw Lucy wearing dark green or khaki colours – they were normally reserved for Lauren! Lucy’s top pictured above is from a past-season at Topshop but just to confuse things, H&M also stocked an almost identical top around the same time.

Featured: 15 Jul 2013

Lucy’s White Shirt Top

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's White Shirt Top - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's White Shirt Top - Where From

Lucy’s white floral trim blouse was from Topshop and was also available in a beautiful dusky pink colour up until around March 2013.

Featured: 1 Jul 2013

Lucy’s Pink Lace Collar Top

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy Beale's Lace Collar Top - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy Beale's Lace Collar Top - Where From

This top was a classic Lucy style… Just a shame her behaviour was never as sweet! It was £20 from OASIS and was also available in a ‘stone’ colour.

Featured: 22 Apr 2013

Lucy’s Flower Blouse

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Flower Blouse - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Flower Blouse - Where From

Lucy’s floral blouse was seen in the 18th April 2013 episode of EastEnders but that wasn’t the first time the character had worn it; Lucy wore it quite frequently when Hetti Bywater first took over the character. This 100% silk blouse was a blogger’s fave at the time and sold out from ZARA in 2011.

Featured: 18 Apr 2013

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