Lucy Beale’s Coats & Jackets


Even to this day, Lucy Beale’s (played by Hetti Bywater) sense of style remains one of the most popular in Soapland. She was one of the first characters that we started covering when this website began and her coats and jackets were some of our most-requested items of clothing. Here is a round-up of the ones we ID’d between 2013 and her departure in 2015.

Lucy’s Pink Boyfriend Coat - EastEnders - Lucy's Pink Boyfriend Coat - On - EastEnders - Lucy's Pink Boyfriend Coat - Where From

Lucy Beale loved her pink coats so much that she had two. Popular with fashion bloggers in real life, this lovely coat was originally £80 from River Island earlier in 2014.

Featured: 2014 & 2015

Lauren & Lucy’s Grey Suit - EastEnders - Lauren & Lucy's Grey Suit - Where FromLucy's Grey Suit - EastEnders - SoapStyle

This suit ended up becoming quite iconic as it was the last outfit Lucy Beale ever wore! Both Lucy and Lauren decided this would be their ‘LB Lettings’ uniform and it got a lot of screen time.

Both the suit jacket and trousers were from New Look. We also have details on their polka dot shirts.

Featured: 28 Mar 2014 & 19 Feb 2015

Lucy’s Fluffy Pink Coat - EastEnders - Lucy's Pink Coat - On - EastEnders - Lucy's Pink Coat - Where From

We received more than a few requests for Lucy’s pink swing / boyfriend style coat with faux jewel detail buttons back in 2013. This coat was worn during several EastEnders episodes and became a bit of a trademark look for the character – it was even left hanging up in the Beale household some time after Lucy’s departure!

This was yet another fashionista fave from here.

Featured: 2013 & 2014

Lucy’s Tweed Boucle Jacket - EastEnders - Lucy's Tweed Boucle Jacket - 6th - EastEnders - Lucy's Tweed Boucle Jacket - 6th August

Keen-eyed viewers will know that this boucle jacket, with its mix of red and orange yarn was a wardrobe favourite for Lucy. We think it will feature on screen more frequently as part of Lucy’s business-like attire.

This jacket was a snip at £29.99 from H&M way back in 2013 and was worn by the character several times after we first featured it in August 2013.

Featured: 6 Aug 2013

Lucy’s Oval / Aztec Pattern Boucle Jacket - EastEnders - Lucy's Cream Oval Pattern Boucle Jacket - 1 August - On - EastEnders - Lucy's Cream Oval Pattern Boucle Jacket - 1 August - Where From

This was a regular outfit for Lucy, having appeared on screen quite a few times. It was normally part of her ‘I mean business’ working wardrobe. The jacket was originally from Topshop, priced around £68. It was part of a co-ord suit with smart shorts made from the same material and was a favourite with celebrities in real life.

Featured: 1 Aug, 18 Oct & 11 Nov 2013

Lucy’s Cream Embroidered Jacket - EastEnders - Lucy's Embroidered Jacket - 30 July - On - EastEnders - Lucy's Embroidered Jacket - 30 July - Where From

During a heated exchange with her Dad Ian on the market, Lucy was wearing this delicate cream jacket with pink and gold embroidery. Lucy really loved her lace-like detailing.

This embroidered jacquard jacket made from lightweight material was originally from here.

Featured: 30 Jul 2013

Lucy’s Cream Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Cream Jacket - On Screen SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lucy's Cream Jacket - Where to Buy

Between all the snarling at Lauren and fawning over Joey that occurred in June 2013, Lucy looked smart in this cream cropped jacket from Miss Selfridge.

Featured: 24 Jun & 21 Oct 2013

Lucy’s Navy Blue Blazer Coat

SoapStyle - Lucy's Navy Blazer - On Screensoapstyle_eastenders_lucy_navy_blazer_lrg2

When she wasn’t wearing her trench coat during 2013, Lucy was often seen in a long-line navy blue blazer with a black PU collar from Topshop. Her look normally involved a pink or cream jumper, skinny jeans and ankle boots.

Featured: Feb & 22 Oct 2013

Lucy’s Trench Coat with Black PU Sleeves

Lucy's Contrast Sleeve Trench Coat / Mac - Details

Lucy was seen wearing this coat from when Hetti Bywater first took over playing the role. Not only did the actress change, but so did the character’s dress sense — for the better we say!

We found a very close match by Atmosphere from Primark (above) that was also a favourite with fashion bloggers during the AW/12 season.

Featured: Feb 2013

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