Jane’s Wedding Dress – Live Week


Jane's Green Wedding Dress - EastEnders - Close Up - SoapStyleJane's Green Wedding Dress - EastEnders - Where From - SoapStyle

The details on a similar match for Jane’s light green wedding dress, as worn during the EastEnders live week.

People have some quite strong opinions on Jane’s wedding dress, but we have received a few enquiries about it. We actually think the original lilac suit looked pretty good and are not quite sure why everyone was repulsed! Nethertheless, Jane had a quick re-think and came up with an alternative dress, although it seems the Bridesmaids’ dresses have been a much more popular choice with viewers.

The dress pictured above is from the Viviana range by Dynasty London and was available mid 2014. The detail is almost identical, with the difference being that Jane’s dress has full sleeves of course. Abi’s green dress is also from the same label.

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Featured: 17/18/19 Feb 2015