Denise’s Red Lace Jumpsuit


Denise's Red Jumpsuit in EastEnders - Close Up - SoapStyleDenise's Red Jumpsuit in EastEnders - SoapStyle

We’ve found a match for Denise’s gorgeous jumpsuit, worn in EastEnders.

Firstly, can we just say, Denise (Diane Parish) looked STUNNING! It’s always refreshing to see the character escape from under the Minute Mart tabard and her day-to-day clothes. We couldn’t believe that Ian had the cheek to say what he did in his speech in front of Denise, so we loved the filthy look she gave him.

For Ian and Jane’s wedding, Denise wore a bright red ASOS jumpsuit with a delicate lace panel to the neckline.

Featured: 17 & 19 Feb 2015