Eva’s Silver Dragonfly Necklace

Eva's Dragonfly Necklace - Corrie - SoapStyleEva's Dragonfly Necklace in Corrie - SoapStyle

Coronation Street

We have the details on Eva’s silver dragonfly pendant, worn during Coronation Street.

Whilst Eva was busy making plans for the next step in her relationship with Jason, Eva’s beautiful silver dragonfly necklace caught our eye. There is actually a lovely story to this in real life, as it’s from the Josie’s Dragonfly Trust. Their aim is to brighten the lives of children and young people living with cancer and to provide a moment of happiness when a moment is all they have. Read more about their work here.

Please pay them a visit and take a look at their online shop, where you will find Eva’s pendant and other accessories.


P.S. The character Shabnam in EastEnders coincidentally wore a dragonfly pin tonight, but we’re not sure if this one is from Josie’s Dragonfly Trust.

Featured: 26 Jan 2015