Theresa McQueen’s Clothes & Fashion


The outfits worn by Theresa McQueen (Jorgie Porter) in Hollyoaks.

Here is a round-up of Theresa McQueen’s clothes we ID’d up until the character’s departure on 11th March 2016.

Theresa’s Faux Fur Star Cape

Theresa's faux fur star cape in Hollyoaks - SoapStyle

Theresa’s wore this cute-as fluffy cape coat in Hollyoaks several times. This handily machine washable item was an ASOS exclusive earlier in 2015.

Featured: 9, 23 & 24 Nov 2015

Theresa’s Ice Cream Print Dress

Theresa McQueen's Ice Cream Print Dress in Hollyoaks - SoapStyle

Theresa’s bodycon style mini dress featured a sweet and colourful summer-themed print with strappy shoulders. It was from Rare London back in 2015.

Featured: 3 & 4 Aug 2015

Theresa’s White / Cream Layered Dress

Theresa's White Layered Dress - Hollyoaks - SoapStyleTheresa's White Layered Dress - Hollyoaks - SoapStyle

Theresa wore the above structured dress whilst accompanying Patrick to one of his hospital appointments. Featuring a cropped top layer and zip fastening at the back, it was by Lavish Alice and sold out after we first featured it.

Featured: 22 Apr 2015

Theresa’s Fluffy Pink Stripe Jumper

Theresa's pink stripe jumper - SoapStyleTheresa's Pink Stripe Jumper

As the McQueen’s prepared for the wedding of the century and managed to lose Kathleen-Angel again, Theresa could be seen wearing the above cozy jumper from River Island.

Featured: 5 Nov 2014

Theresa’s Black Polka Dot Crop Top

Theresa McQueen's polka dot crop top in Hollyoaks

Not even a pesky bit of housework could stop Theresa looking glam! Theresa often wore this white crop top with black polka dots from River Island back in 2013.

Featured: 29 Oct 2013

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