Sienna Blake’s Shirts & Blouses


Here is a round-up of Sienna Blake’s shirts and blouses in Hollyoaks that we have ID’d so far.

Sienna’s White Shirt

Picture of Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) wearing her white cut-out shirt in HollyoaksPicture of a match for Sienna's shirt in Hollyoaks

Featuring a geometric laser cut shoulder panel and fold-up detail to the collar, this was kindly confirmed by Anna Passey to be from boutique label N12H.

Featured: 28/29 Jul, 19 Aug & 29 Nov 2016

Sienna’s Black Lace Shoulder Blouse

SoapStyle - Hollyoaks - Sienna Lace Blousesoapstyle-hollyoaks-sienna-black-lace-shirt-16-may-where-from

The match we originally found for this popular shirt was from New Look in 2013.

Featured: 28/29 Jul, 19 Aug & 29 Nov 2016

Sienna’s Pink Plait Detail Blouse - Hollyoaks - Sienna's Pink Blouse - July - On - Hollyoaks - Sienna's Pink Blouse - July - Where From

Sienna’s cropped blouse featuring plait (or woven) detail first appeared on screen in 2014. The picture above is just after she got together with Rick (remember him?!).

Our match was from ASOS and originally paired with this skirt.

Featured: 4 & 7 Jul 2014

Sienna’s White & Black Floral Print Shirt - Hollyoaks - Sienna's Black Floral Print Shirt - Where From

Sienna regularly wore this white shirt with black floral print on the shoulders. The shirt was from Oasis and originally £38. Thank you to @KellyAnnTweets for sourcing this.

Featured: 27 May 2014

Sienna’s Green / Blue Bird Print Blouse

Picture of a match for Sienna Blake's bird blouse in Hollyoaks

Sienna first wore this top back in 2014, when she was under the watchful eye of Sam Lomax. Featuring a lovely illustrated bird print on a green backdrop, this was another blouse from Oasis.

Featured: 8 May & 2 Dec 2014

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