Nancy’s Check Tartan Scarf


Picture of Nancy Osborne wearing her tartan scarf in HollyoaksPicture of a match for Nancy's tartan scarf in Hollyoaks

Nancy’s oversized check/tartan style scarf, as worn in Hollyoaks.

Firstly, apologies for the extreme close-up photo of Nancy. We’ll try and get a better shot in due course, but at least this one shows you the texture of her gorgeous scarf. Along with sparkly things, we have far too many scarves than are entirely necessary… yet we’re definitely finding an excuse to buy this one.

The style match shown above was from here.


Update: Ours has arrived. This scarf is surprisingly large (151cm), so it can be worn in a number of ways and easily folded over a few times to keep you nice and warm.

Featured: 28/29 Jan 2015