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Maxine Minniver’s sparkly lilac jumper, as seen in Hollyoaks.

The scenes between Maxine and Patrick get us every time. Poor Maxine not only has Patrick’s appalling behaviour to contend with, but she now knows he isn’t interested in raising their child. During Wednesday’s episode on the 28th (or Tuesday’s on E4 First Look), Maxine was plotting her escape with Dodger. She wore an eye catching lilac top, with silver studs and a split detail at the back.

This isn’t a new top for Maxine. In fact the character wore this around mid 2013, so you can guess what’s coming next… It’s no longer in the shops. The match above is from the Be Beau range at Matalan, which was originally £26 and available in stores during 2013.

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Featured: 28 May 2014
Also featured: 28 Jan 2015