Grace Black’s Shirts & Blouses


Here is a round-up of some of Grace’s shirts and blouses as seen in Hollyoaks that we have ID’d so far.

Grace’s Orange Animal Print Blouse

Grace's Orange Animal Print Blouse - Hollyoaks - Episode - SoapStyleGrace's Orange Animal Print Blouse - Hollyoaks - SoapStyle

We recognised Grace’s blouse as soon as it was on screen because Eva in Corrie wore the red version of this ASOS top some time ago.

Featured: 7 Apr 2015

Grace’s Pink / Coral Wrap Blouse

Grace's Pink Blouse - Hollyoaks - Episode - SoapStyleGrace's Pink Blouse - Hollyoaks - Where From - SoapStyle

Grace’s shirts and blouses have always looked sharp and this one from River Island is no exception.

Featured: 26, 27 Jan, 14 Aug 2015 & 1 Jul, 4 Jul 2016

Grace’s Orange / Red Zip Pocket Shirt

SoapStyle - Hollyoaks - Grace's Orange Shirt - In EpisodeSoapStyle - Hollyoaks - Grace's Orange Shirt - Where From

The above blouse has featured in several episodes and the match we found was from Oasis. Note that Grace often wears the sleeves rolled down… but also note how she’s styled uncannily like the model pictured above!

Featured: 21 Oct 2014 & 12 Aug 2015

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