Diane Hutchinson’s Clothes & Outfits


Here is a round-up of some of Diane’s clothes and outfits seen in Hollyoaks that we have ID’d so far.

Diane’s Cream Stripe Wrap Blouse

Diane's stripe wrap blouse in Hollyoaks - SoapStyleDiane's stripe wrap blouse in Hollyoaks - Found - SoapStyle

Diane has been seen wearing this striped blouse with a draped wrap front in a few episodes. Apologies for the quality of the picture and Diane’s slightly manic expression! The match above was from River Island.

Featured: 29 Feb 2016

Diane’s Belted Cream Wrap Coat

Diane's Cream Wrap Coat - Hollyoaks - SoapStyle

Diane occasionally wears this stylish light-coloured belted wrap coat with contrast trim. The match we found above with dark brown trim was from the Oasis AW13 collection.

Featured: 25 Nov 2014

Diane’s Lace Stripe Jumper

SoapStyle - Hollyoaks - Diane's Lace Stripe JumperSoapStyle - Hollyoaks - Diane's Lace Stripe Jumper - Where From

Whilst trying to find out what Tony had been up to at the hotel back in 2014, Diane wore the above lightweight jumper. Featuring black lace panels over a mink-coloured fine knit, this top was originally from here.

Featured: 20 Oct 2014 & 12 Feb 2015

Diane’s Wedding Dress

Diane's Wedding Dress in Hollyoaks - Detals - SoapStyle

Worn for her nuptials with Tony Hutchinson, this dress was from the Lavish Alice label.

Featured: Featured: 23 Oct 2015

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