Priya’s Red / Orange Dress


Priya's Orange Dress in Emmerdale - SoapStylePriya's Orange Dress in Emmerdale - Details - SoapStyle

The red high-neck dress worn by Priya in Emmerdale.

We often receive requests for Priya’s clothes in Emmnerdale, but they’re not always easy to get IDs or close matches for. Luckily, we found a match above for her chic Christmas Day dress. You’ll notice we’re calling it ‘red/orange’ because this particular hue can play tricks under the studio lights. Some people have asked us about her ‘red’ dress whilst others her ‘orange’ one!

Either way, the high neck asymmetric dress pictured above was £35 from River Island and features a crêpe texture material. It was first available back in the Autumn of 2015.

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Featured: 25 Dec 2015