Carly’s Blush Pink Jumpsuit – Tracy & David’s Wedding


Picture: Carly Hope's (Gemma Atkinson) blush pink jumpsuit in Emmerdale

Details on Carly Hope’s (Gemma Atkinson) jumpsuit, worn in Emmerdale.

We do love a good Soap wedding – especially one that isn’t all about the doom and gloom! At first it looked like Carly might be spending the day in her tracksuit, but by the second of tonight’s episodes everything came together and she looked great in a blush pink jumpsuit that matched the groomsmen’s ties perfectly.

Our match above is priced around £245 from Reiss. It features a bodice top with gold buckle detail and a classic wide leg. We love how this creates the illusion of a super-tall silhouette!

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Featured: 22 Sept 2016

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