Whitney’s Mint Green Dress


Whitney's Mint Green Dress for Linda & Mick's Wedding - SoapStyleWhitney's Mint Green Dress for Linda & Mick's Wedding - Details - SoapStyle

Whitney’s (Shona McGarty) mint green dress with chain detail, as seen in EastEnders.

We had a strong sense of déjà vu when we saw Whitney’s dress for Jack & Ronnie’s wedding on New Year’s Day. We quickly realised it was because she wore the same one exactly a year ago for Linda and Mick’s eventful wedding on 1st January 2016!

Whitney’s dress was amongst an eclectic mix of outfits for the Brannings’ wedding and featured shimmering jacquard material with a bold chain and lace detail.

Our match back in 2016 was the limited edition ‘Payton’ bodycon dress by House of CB.

Featured: 1 Jan 2016
Also featured: 1 Jan 2017