Tina Carter’s Eye Beanie


Tina Carter's Large Rubber Eye Beanie in EastEnders - SoapStyle

Want to know where Tina Carter’s large eye beanie, as seen in EastEnders is from? We can tell you!

Tina Carter always looks ready to rave, with her 90’s inspired wardrobe. Fluorescent clothing paired with novelty accessories is her go-to look and we must admit to coming over a bit nostalgic whenever she’s on screen.

If you’ve been watching EastEnders the last two weeks, you wouldn’t have been able to miss her latest head gear: A black beanie with HUGE rubber eyes. It gives us a giggle whenever it’s on screen (although it can be a little disconcerting at times) and we reckon it would be perfect on the slopes, if snowboarding is your thing.

The beanie is by Couch UK, who specialise in unique hand-finished accessories and UV gear. Find them here.

Featured: Jan 2014
Also featured: Feb 2014