Stacey’s Red & White Clover Print Shirt - EastEnders - Stacey's Red Shirt with White Clover Print


Want to know where Stacey’s red clover print shirt, as seen in EastEnders is from? We can tell you!

We’re not sure if you would have managed to get a good look at Stacey’s red shirt in Monday’s EastEnders episode, but thought we’d share the details in case it comes up again.

This might be the first time we have seen Stacey outside and not snuggled up in her black and white snood, so we were just able to catch a peak of the above shirt from Oasis. We published a sneak peak on our Facebook page to let you know it was on sale reduced to £20 in limited sizes… it has already sold out!

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Featured: 24 Mar 2014