Stacey’s Green Dress With Drape Front


SoapStyle - EastEnders - Stacey's Green Drape Front Dress - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Stacey's Green Drape Front Dress

We have the scoop on Stacey’s green dress with drape front, as worn in EastEnders.

Where once we may have been expecting a Stacey / Dean romance to be on the cards, we are definitely hoping that does not happen after this tough week in EastEnders.

Stacey was only briefly on screen during Friday’s episode, sweeping up in Dean’s salon! Her bold green dress caught our eye and yours too as we received requests for it. This was likely a wardrobe acquisition around the time Stacey first came back, because we can tell you it’s the ‘Drape Front Shift Dress’ from Topshop late 2014.

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Featured: 10 Oct 2014 & 16 Jan 2015