Sonia Fowler’s Clothes & Outfits


The clothes and outfits worn by Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) in EastEnders.

Sonia’s Navy Blue Lace Dress

The navy blue lace bardot dress worn by Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) in EastEnders

Sonia has worn some smashing outfits lately! Even if it is to impress Martin Fowler, we can’t deny that her style has switched-up a notch. In May 2018, Sonia wore a navy lace dress with bardot neckline for her date with the ‘ex.

The match we found (plus more colours) is available online from here.

Featured: 17 May 2018

Sonia’s Teal Print Shirt Dress

Sonia's geo print shirt dress in EastEnders - SoapStyleSonia's geo print shirt dress in EastEnders - Found - SoapStyle

It’s always interesting to see what Sonia wears when she gets glammed-up, because her day-to-day wear could be a bit dowdy at times.

For the Carters’ nuptials in 2016, Sonia wore a striking belted shirt dress from a mid 2015 collection by F&F at Tesco. We had hoped to see Sonia wear a few more things like this in 2016, but she soon slipped back into her daily floral prints.

Featured: 1 Jan 2016

Sonia’s Black & Silver Embellished Top

Sonia's Silver & Black Embellished Top - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleSonia's Silver & Black Embellished Top - EastEnders - SoapStyle

We couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Tina during this particular week of EastEnders, as it was clear she had genuinely fallen for Sonia and at that point her feelings were not quite reciprocated in the same way. Whilst Martin blurted out exactly what he thought of the pair’s potential fledgling relationship in the middle of the Queen Vic’, Sonia wore a gorgeous embellished chiffon flapper-style top by Lipsy.

Featured: 20 & 23 Mar 2015

Sonia’s Black Dress

Sonia's Black Dress - EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleSonia's Black Dress - EastEnders - SoapStyle

For the ‘Fat Blasters’ party in the Vic, Sonia wore a black dress from River Island with sheer sleeves and faux leather detail at the neckline. We think the character looked fantastic and it’ll be no surprise that this dress sold out quickly after we featured it.

Featured: 5 Dec 2014

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