Sharon’s Blue Floral Top

EastEnders - EastEnders - Sharon's Navy Blue & White Floral Top - 2nd - EastEnders - Sharon's Navy Blue & White Floral Top - 2nd January - Where From

Details on Sharon’s blue floral top, as worn during multiple episodes of EastEnders.

We were really pleased with the news that Sharon (played by Letitia Dean) will have better story lines in 2014. Her character was noticeably left to drift by the end of 2013 – disappearing completely for large periods of time without any explanation. That reminds us… just what has happened to Kim Fox? Seems as though she has been given a similar treatment.

Sharon looked great in the 2nd January episode. It’s lovely to see her smiley and happy. During her scene in the cafe, she was wearing a pretty blue floral top. It was originally from Next and is unfortunately no longer available, but there might be a second chance to buy. You can check for any listings here.

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Featured: 2 Jan 2014
Also seen: 27 Mar, 31 Jul 2014 & 30 Apr 2015 & 13 May 2016