Sharon’s Black Fur Coat

EastEnders - EastEnders - Sharon's Black Fur Coat - 6th - EastEnders - Sharon's Black Fur Coat - 6th January - Where From

Where Sharon’s black velvet and fur trim coat, as seen in EastEnders is from.

We received lots of requests for Sharon’s new luxurious velvet and faux fur trim coat. It took a little while to track down, but we can finally give you the details.

It wasn’t until we got a close look that we noticed there are some lovely finishing touches that may be missed on screen. From the Per Una range at M&S in 2013, it’s made from shimmery black velvet with faux fur trim and finished with delicate gold embroidery. It also has a rear tie fastening, which provides the option of creating a more fitted look.

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Featured: Jan 2014
Also seen: 6 Jan 2015