Roxy Mitchell’s Dresses


The dresses worn by Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) in EastEnders.

We would only see Roxy in a dress for weddings or when she was looking glam for a night out. one thing was guaranteed though; we would always be asked where her dresses were from! Here is a round up of the character’s outfits that we ID’d.

Roxy’s Black Dress – Ronnie & Jack’s Wedding

Roxy wearing her black dress for Ronnie's wedding in EastEnders

New Year’s Day saw the sad departure of the Mitchell sisters after Ronnie and Jack’s wedding. There was a very eclectic mix of outfits during this episode, but the stand-out one amongst the guests had to be Roxy’s. The character opted for a surprisingly Gothic look that caused quite a stir amongst viewers.

Keen-eyed viewers also wondered how Roxy’s dress sleeves had managed to ‘disappear’ half way through the episode, but she was actually wearing a sheer black shrug that was removed in later scenes!

We’ve always maintained that Roxy (Rita Simons) has had a decent wardrobe budget and have surprised our readers when we reveal some of her more expensive items of clothing. This dress is potentially no exception as the match we found is from a designer label and priced in the region of £350 (see here).

Featured: 1 Jan 2017

Roxy’s Black Mesh Panel Dress

Roxy's Black Engagement Party Dress in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy's Black Engagement Party Dress in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Roxy Mitchell first wore this gorgeous black belted pencil dress (and debuted a new hairdo) for her engagement party. It was our most-requested item of that week and we surprised readers when we revealed where our match was from… The Michelle Keegan range at Lipsy. It has long since sold out, but you might still find one here!

We expect the Corrie folk to show their support for their former colleague’s range but we were quite surprised to see a dress from this collection pop-up in ‘Enders.

Featured: 12 & 16 Nov 2015

Roxy’s Floral Bodycon Midi Dress

Roxy Mitchell's floral dress in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's floral dress in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

There was a dramatic festive climax for EastEnders in 2015, starting with Ronnie and Charlie’s wedding and culminating in a major car crash on the Square. You would have thought that Ronnie might have steered-clear of New Year weddings after that!

Roxy wore a lovely floral dress for the first of Ronnie’s ill-fated nuptials from here.

Featured: 1 & 2 Jan 2015

Roxy & Linda’s Bridesmaid Dress – Sharon’s Wedding

Roxy & Linda's Bridesmaid Dress for Sharon's Wedding in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy & Linda's Bridesmaid Dress for Sharon's Wedding in EastEnders - SoapStyle

Whilst the debate raged on regarding Sharon’s wedding dress, people were far more favourable when it came to Roxy and Linda’s dresses. Featuring a delicate pearl embellished neckline and floaty layered material, we can tell you this was the beautiful ‘Tulip Dress’ from here.

Featured: 26 Sept 2014

Roxy’s Leopard Print Skater Dress

Picture of Roxy Mitchell wearing her leopard print skater dress in EastEndersPicture of a match for Roxy Mitchell's leopard print skater dress in EastEnders

Roxy returned to her party animal self whilst dating Carl White and no one was going to stop her! We were the first to ID her leopard print skater / flippy dress with black mesh panel back in 2013 from the Influence label and it sold out very quickly after we featured it.

Featured: 30 Dec 2013
Also seen: 3 Jul 2014

Roxy’s Blue Peplum Dress

Roxy Mitchell's Blue Peplum Dress in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Blue Peplum Dress in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Roxy was a knock-out in this striking cobalt blue peplum A|wear dress, first worn on screen for a date night with Alfie back in 2013. We think she should have worn this colour more often!

Featured: 10 Sept 2013
Also seen: 28 Mar 2014

Roxy’s Pink Sequin Layered Dress

Roxy Mitchell's Pink Sequin Layered Dress in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Pink Sequin Layered Dress in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

We’re not sure this is a look we’d be able to pull off, but it definitely suited Roxy’s personality at the time. She craved the limelight during her engagement party and this pink sequin dress certainly commanded it!

It was from the Boutique by Jaeger range, originally costing a cool £175 and sold out after we featured it. We noticed that Roxy had a couple of cheeky higher-end clothes in her wardrobe, including her popular sparkly pink Ted Baker jacket here.

Featured: 1 Aug 2013

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