Roxy Mitchell’s Coats & Jackets


The coats, jackets & blazers worn by Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) in EastEnders; including her black leather biker jacket and military coat.

Roxy was one of the first-ever characters that we featured here on SoapStyle. It has been interesting to watch her style evolve over the years, yet still maintain little nods to her past with carefully chosen accessories. We were always asked about the character’s coats and jackets, so here is our round-up of all the wardrobe items we ID’d for you prior to the character’s dramatic departure on 1st January 2017.

Roxy’s Military Style Coat

Roxy Mitchell's Grey & Red Military Coat in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Grey & Red Military Coat in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

We have lost count of the amount of times we were asked about Roxy’s military coat since SoapStyle began. Can’t say we blame you, as we’ve always liked it too!

This coat ended up becoming an old favourite for Roxy. We remember first seeing it mid 2013, possibly even earlier. It was Roxy’s go-to coat for the autumn and winter months and was worn during multiple episodes — often with a scarf of some description. Keen-eyed viewers will have noticed its last on screen appearance during December 2016 shortly before the character left our screens for good. It was from here early in 2013.

Although this was available quite some time ago, you might be lucky and get a second chance to buy it as occasionally listings for this coat still pop-up here.

Featured: 7 Nov 2013
Also seen: 27 Dec 2013, 15 Dec 2014 & 9 Jan, 30 Mar 2015 & 26 Dec 2016

Roxy’s Fringed Leather Biker Jacket

Roxy Mitchell's Fringe Biker Jacket in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Fringe Biker Jacket in EastEnders - Found - SoapStyle

Roxy regularly wore a smart leather jacket with fringe detail throughout 2016. We’ve always maintained that the wardrobe budget for Roxy was pretty decent… so brace yourselves, because this isn’t the usual mid-range item. Our match above was from a past season at Superdry and sold out after we first featured it. You can check for any listings via our tailored search here.

Featured: 13 Apr 2015
Also seen: 4 May, 22 Oct, 19 Nov 2015, 3 Jun & 20 Oct 2016

Roxy’s Cropped Pink Jacket

Picture of Roxy wearing her cropped pink jacket in EastEndersA match for Roxy's pink jacket in EastEnders

Before Roxy’s later preference for black clothing, the character would often be seen wearing lots of pink and pastel colours. This structured multi-zip jacket from ZARA had its on screen debut when Roxy warned Billy to “Put that shirt down” on the Market during the 2nd June 2014 episode. That was good advice, as the snake skin print he was admiring would have looked awful – especially as it was intended for a date with Honey!

Regular viewers will have spotted it worn by Roxy several times after that episode, but it quickly sold out after we originally featured it.

Featured: 2 Jun 2014
Also seen: 8/15 Sept 2014 & 17 Apr, 3 Aug, 18 Sept 2015

Roxy’s Pink & Black Blazer Jacket

Roxy Mitchell's Pink & Black Blazer Jacket in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Pink & Black Blazer Jacket in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

We received lots of requests for Roxy’s gorgeous sparkly pink jacket that formed part of her hen night outfit before the character’s ill-fated wedding to Alfie Moon. Featuring an eye-catching metallic shimmer and contrasting black trim, this classic cropped jacket was by Ted Baker and was yet another higher-end piece in Roxy’s wardrobe. Roxy also wore this a year later during the EastEnders Christmas Day episode on 25th December 2014.

Featured: 22 Nov 2013
Also seen: 25 Dec 2014

Roxy’s Red Tweed Boucle Blazer Jacket

Roxy Mitchell's Red Tweed Boucle Jacket in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Red Tweed Boucle Jacket in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

This popular blazer was regularly seen on screen throughout 2013-2014. It’s from a past season at ZARA, but listings still occasionally pop-up to this day; you can check for any current ones here.

Featured: 7 Oct 2013
Also seen: 2014

Roxy’s Flower Collar Jacket

Roxy Mitchell's flower collar jacket in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's flower collar jacket in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Roxy went through somewhat of a quirky mix’n’match style throughout 2014, as you can see from our picture. This heralded the debut of the above River Island boucle-style jacket with floral bead ‘gemstone’ detail to the collar. We love the jacket but are not sure we would have chosen to pair it with this cat print top!

Featured: 3 & 23 Jun 2014

Roxy’s Leaf Print Fringed Bomber Jacket

Picture of Roxy Mitchell wearing her bomber jacket in EastEndersPicture of a match for Roxy Mitchell's bomber jacket in EastEnders

The above bomber jacket was first seen on screen during the whole will she / won’t she leave with Charlie Cotton episode. Featuring a tropical print with black fringed detailing to the sleeves, it’s very reminiscent of Roxy’s original Ibiza-themed styling. This was on sale from here when we featured it back in September 2015.

Featured: 21 Sept 2015

Roxy’s Bird Print Blazer Jacket

Roxy Mitchell's Blue Bird Print Blazer in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Blue Bird Print Blazer in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

This one is an old favourite from H&M, having made its first on-screen appearance in 2011. It has been worn during several episodes since we were the first to feature it in 2013 when Roxy had her showdown with Kat Slater. We can safely say the wardrobe department got their money’s worth from this item before its retirement in late 2015!

Featured: 18 Feb 2013
Also seen: 25 Mar 2014 & 24/29 Jun 2015

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