Roxy Mitchell’s Boots & Shoes


The boots & shoes worn by Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) in EastEnders; including her suede boots and pink wedge hi-tops.

Skinny jeans or leggings tucked into a pair of boots was one of Roxy’s favourite looks for quite some time; we only really saw her wear something different when she glammed-up for a night out. Here is a round up of the character’s footwear that we ID’d.

Roxy’s Suede Wedge Boots

Roxy's Wedge Boots in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy's Wedge Boots in EastEnders - Where From - SoapStyle

The EastEnders characters are starting to wear their autumn wardrobe, which means Roxy’s popular coats and boots are making a comeback! During tonight’s episode, Roxy wore her favourite suede wedge boots. These are an older wardrobe item that at least date back to when she was still with Alfie.

The match we have above is the ASH ‘Yes’ wedge boot in taupe. This label is available from here.

Alternatively, a few listings for these boots also pop-up here.

Featured: 2014
Also seen: 2015 & 5, 8, 9, 12, 29 Dec 2016 & 1 Jan 2017

Roxy’s Pink Hi-Top Trainers

Roxy Mitchell's Pink Hi-Top Wedge Trainers in EastEnders - Episode - SoapStyleRoxy Mitchell's Pink Hi-Top Wedge Trainers in EastEnders - Details - SoapStyle

Roxy took colour coordination to the extreme back in August 2015 when she wore her old favourite pink and black lace top, cropped zip jacket and the above bright pink concealed wedge hi-tops!

These eye-catching boots are called ‘Bowie’ by ASH (same label as her other boots) and we found them with Free UK Delivery from here.

Featured: 3 & 4 Aug 2015
Also seen: 7 Sept 2015

Roxy’s Tan Fringed Boots

Roxy's tan fringe boots in EastEnders - SoapStyleRoxy's tan fringe boots in EastEnders - Found - SoapStyle

The suede boots above were first seen on screen in May 2016 and appeared in a few subsequent episodes. Featuring a layered fringe detail with lace-up fronts, these were from River Island.

Featured: 30 May & 2 Jun 2016
Also seen: 24 & 27 Jun 2016