Lola Pearce’s Clothes & Style


The clothes worn by the character Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) in EastEnders; including her tops & jackets.

Lola may not have had much spare cash to spend lightly on clothes, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t find ways to express her fun style. The character seemed to love anything that had a hint of an Americana theme; often opting for bold star prints.

Lola’s White Graffiti Print Zip Up Hoodie - EastEnders - Lola's Graffiti Hoodie - 19th November - On - EastEnders - Lola's Graffiti Hoodie - 19th November - Where From

Lola wore this jacket for a while. We remember seeing it worn on-screen as far back as the Lexi custody storyline in early 2013. It was from H&M and featured a snug faux fur lining.

Featured: 19 Nov 2013

Lola’s Animal Print Hooded Onesie


We had a few requests on twitter about this at the time and couldn’t resist the fun challenge of getting an ID. Lola’s hooded onesie with ears was from River Island back in April 2013.

Featured: 30 Aug, 17 Dec 2013 & 13 May 2014

Lola’s American Flag Style Denim Gilet Waistcoat


This is exactly what we referred to earlier about Lola loving America-themed clothing. You can’t get much more than a full on stars and stripes print! Our match above was from Brave Soul in 2014.

Featured: 26 Aug 2013

Lola’s Star Print Denim Jacket

SoapStyle - EastEnders - Lola Pearce Star Denim Jacket - On ScreenSoapStyle - EastEnders - Lola Pearce Star Denim Jacket - Where From

When summer hit the square in July 2013, Lola Pearce finally packed away her pink and white puffa coats in favour of this Forever 21 denim star print jacket.

Featured: 8 Jul 2013

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