Linda’s Bright Pink Coat


Linda's bright pink coat in EastEnders - SoapStyleLinda's bright pink coat in EastEnders - Found - SoapStyle

We have the details on Linda’s bright pink coat, worn during multiple episodes of EastEnders.

Linda’s back in pink again and it’s nice to see her wearing her cheerful clothes, even if she’s feeling quite differently. In tonight’s episode, Linda wore her bright pink / fuchsia coat that keen-eyed viewers may remember from when the Carters were first introduced. So yes, it’s an old one but at least we can tell you that it’s the 2013 Coast ‘Pink Maeve Coat’. There may be a second chance to buy; check if any are listed here.

If you also watch Corrie, you may have noticed that Eva Price has worn the same coat!

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Featured: 2014
Also seen: 2015 & 14 Jun 2016