Honey Mitchell’s Coats & Jackets


Find out where the coats and jackets worn by Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) in EastEnders are from.

Honey has always had somewhat of a quirky dress sense, but her latest stint on the Square has seen her style evolve into something heavily influenced by the 1970’s. Her coats and jackets are no exception to this; the character now favours big and fluffy faux fur materials. You’ll see this in our round-up below.

Honey’s Grey Faux Fur Collar Coat

Picture of Honey wearing her grey faux fur collar coat in EastEnders

First worn with her dark pink dress earlier in 2016, this River Island coat with its statement faux fur collar and herringbone tweed was an instant hit with our readers. This was later seen again throughout February 2018.

It’s long out of stock but you might find a second chance to buy here.

Featured: 4,7,8 Mar & 21,27 Oct, 17 Nov, 1,6,15 Dec 2016 & 1, 3, 20 Jan, 30 – 31 Oct 2017 & 2018

Honey’s Cream Faux Fur Coat

Picture of Honey Mitchell wearing her faux fur coat in EastEnders

Back in 2016, Honey started to wear what is possibly her fluffiest coat to date. Featuring faux fur stripes (always faux fur) and a longline length, this coat was originally from here.

This was later seen again in 2018.

Featured: 17 Oct 2016 & 27 Feb 2018

Honey’s Mint Waterfall Biker Jacket

Picture of Honey wearing her turquoise waterfall jacket in EastEnders

Back in 2014 we tracked down her summery lightweight ‘mint’ jacket. Honey wore this with a tropical dress and perfectly matching pastel earrings.

Made with chiffon material and biker-style detailing, we ID’d this as the ‘Baby Says’ jacket by Jovonna at Topshop.

Featured: 6 Jun 2014

Honey’s Floral Peplum Jacket

Picture of Honey wearing her floral jacket in EastEnders

Honey briefly returned to the Square (before ultimately jetting off to Canada) wearing her favourite floral prints and hair accessories in a nice example of wardrobe continuity. Remember, the character would be seen in nothing else back in the day!

At first we thought this jacket looked very Ted Baker-esque with it’s light floral print, but later found it to be the ‘Scuba Peplum Jacket’ from Topshop (again). Looking back at this outfit, it’s surprising how much of her styling is just like the former Poppy Meadow. Maybe the costume department recycled some of the departed character’s unseen wardrobe?

Featured: 5 Jun 2014

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