Denise’s Cream Leather Jacket

EastEnders - EastEnders - Denise's Leather Jacket - 23rd July - On Screen - EastEnders - Denise's Leather Jacket - 23rd July - Style Match

We have found a style match for Denise’s cream leather jacket, as worn in EastEnders.

This is a new(ish) look for Denise. We’re glad that she and some of the other characters are undergoing subtle wardrobe updates. This jacket was a new addition to Denise’s wardrobe in late May and we think it really suits her, along with the chic bob hair cut.

This one wasn’t as easy to get the exact details for, so the jacket above is a very close match from TU at Sainsbury’s. The only reason we’re not saying it’s the jacket is because we haven’t seen all the detail on Denise’s one yet.

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Featured: 23 Jul 2013
Also featured: 4 May 2015 & 28 Aug 2017