Tracy’s Red / Orange Shell Print Shirt

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Tracy Barlow wearing her red shell print shirt blouse in Coronation Street

The orange / red shell print blouse with zip pocket detail, as worn by Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) in Coronation St.

Tracy first wore this shirt back when uttering the immortal line about Ken being “some kind of geriatric Jack Sparrow” in the 3rd September episode. She does have some of the best one-liners.

Fast-forward to this week and Tracy is once again embroiled in a police enquiry after someone tried to bump Ken off. Who could have predicted that?! We ID’d this as an Oasis shirt and is one of many printed tops in Tracy’s wardrobe.

The character can be seen wearing this during a few episodes throughout April 2017 and again in May whilst hiding with Rob Donovan, then later in May 2018.

Featured: 3 Sept 2014 // 17 Oct 2016 // 3 Apr, 1 May, 22 Nov 2017 // 4 Jan, 25 May 2018