Tracy’s Bird Print Blouse

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Tracy Barlow wearing a bird print shirt / blouse in Coronation Street

The details on Tracy’s cream bird print blouse, as worn in Coronation Street.

We saw some comments on Twitter that pretty much sum up our thoughts on Tracy: She’s a horrible character for the most part, but she does own some nice blouses!

During tonight’s episodes, Tracy wore an illustrated bird print top with long sleeves and collarless neckline paired with a red cami / vest underneath. Our match above was from here and quickly sold out after we first featured it.

There may be another chance to buy one of these via any listings here.

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Featured: 7 Sept 2015
Also seen: 16/26 Nov 2015 & 26 Feb, 1 Jul & 25 Nov 2016 & 20 Mar, 21 Apr 2017