Tracy Barlow’s Black & Red Lace Top

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) wearing a black lace top with embroidered birds on TV in Coronation Street

Details on Tracy’s lace top, as seen in Coronation Street.

We only saw Tracy briefly during the first of Monday’s double-bill of Corrie back in July, but she shocked us with a compassionate moment when she stuck up for Leanne whilst giving Steve a talking to.

During this rare display of solidarity, the character wore a new outfit. Featuring an embroidered mirror bird motif on black lace, this top was from Stradivarius quite some time ago and has already sold out! However, there may be a second chance to buy here.

Tracy later wore this again in December 2017.

Featured: 31 Jul & 22 Dec 2017