Tracy Barlow’s Pink Poppy T-Shirt

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Tracy Barlow wearing a bright poppy print tee in Coronation Street

The floral top Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) wears in Coronation Street.

Tracy was enthusiastically enjoying a full English in Roy’s Rolls when we first saw this top back in 2017 and all we could think was; “mind you don’t drip the ketchup!”.

This pretty woven front panel tee with an eye-catching bright floral print is very much in keeping with Tracy’s botanically themed dressing as the proprietor of Preston’s Petals. It was available earlier the same year from here and seen again in 2018.

Featured: 5 Jul, 4 Dec 2017 & 28 May, 9 Jul 2018