Steph Britton’s Tops & Jumpers

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

The tops, sweatshirts and jumpers worn by Steph Britton (Tisha Merry) in Coronation Street.

Steph may have spent most of her time wearing black for her uniform at Nick’s Bistro, but that doesn’t mean her style was any less popular. Here is a round-up of all the tops and jumpers we ID’d before the character’s rather sudden departure from the Cobbles on Friday 20th January.

Steph’s Black Lace Top

Steph's Black Lace Top - Corrie - SoapStyleSteph's Black Lace Top - Corrie - SoapStyle

It was quite a coincidence when this appeared on screen because we had already featured this top as an alternative to Steph’s cream lace top (see below) back in January 2015.

This was from tfnc London (available here when we first featured it) and became a key part of Steph’s work wardrobe, having been seen on screen a number of times until the character’s exit.

Featured: 27 Feb 2015
Also seen: 16 Dec 2015, 12 Aug 2016 & 6 Jan 2017

Steph’s White / Cream Lace Top

Steph's White Lace Top - Corrie - SoapStyleSteph's White Lace Top - Corrie - Episode - SoapStyle

Firstly, excuse the slightly unflattering picture of the lovely Tisha Merry as Steph Britton above; it’s the best one we could get of her wearing the character’s pretty lace top! We didn’t see the character wear this often, but we spotted that it was exactly the same as her black lace top above.

Featured: Jan 2015

Steph’s Long Black Lace Top

Picture of Steph wearing her long black lace top in CorriePicture of a match for Steph's long black lace top in Corrie

We found this top when it first appeared on screen in March 2015, in addition to the other lace tops in Steph’s wardrobe. Our match was available in both black & cream variations exclusively online from here.

Featured: 2 Mar 2015
Also seen: 21 Dec 2016

Steph’s Black & Gold Sweater

Steph's black & gold jumper in Corrie - SoapStyleSteph's black & gold jumper in Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

We were not surprised when we started to receive requests for her ornate black and gold top after its Coronation Street debut on 20th November 2015. A modern twist on festive dressing, this sweater was originally from Warehouse earlier in 2015.

Featured: 20 Nov 2015

Steph’s Grey Sequin Embellished Jumper

Steph's Grey Embellished Jumper - Corrie - Close Up - SoapStyleSteph's Grey Embellished Jumper - Corrie - Where From - SoapStyle

Steph very occasionally wore this lovely sparkly loose knit jumper and the match we found quickly sold out from here after we were the first to ID it.

Featured: 2 Mar 2015

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