Sinead’s Clear Raincoat

Coronation Street

Picture of a match for Sinead Tinker's plastic raincoat in Corrie

Sinead Tinker’s see-through plastic raincoat, as seen in Coronation Street.

If there’s an item of clothing with a little quirkiness to be found on the highstreet, you can imagine that Sinead will snap it up in a heartbeat.

Her clear raincoat may be the perfect example because it had viewers both amused and bemused over on twitter. Look closer and you’ll see it’s no ordinary mac… there are loose star shaped sequins sealed inside! We can’t help but feel she must have got so hot whilst stood in the Rovers though.

This was purchased earlier in the year from here and became a festival must-have over the summer. Sinead’s one may have already sold out, but alternatives are still available.

Featured: 26 Sept 2016

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