Sarah-Louise’s Grey Check Print Top

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Sarah-Louise Platt wearing her grey square print top in Coronation Street

The details on Sarah-Lou’s grey check print top, worn in Coronation Street.

Apologies for the slightly ‘aggro’ picture; this was taken back in 2015, just before Sarah tried to bundle six-foot-odd Callum out of the Rovers when all but Steve stood at the bar gormlessly watching. Charming!

Anyway Sarah-Louise wore a top this week that has been on screen a few times already, but we always receive a flurry of requests for it. Our match above was from ZARA and first in stores from April 2015. It was worn again during April 2017.

Featured: 14 Sept 2015
Also featured: 16 Sept, 16 Dec 2016 & 28 Apr 2017