Sally’s Navy Blue Jacket

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Sally's Navy Blue Suit in Coronation Street - SoapStyleSally's Navy Blue Suit in Coronation Street - Details - SoapStyle

Sally’s smart navy blue suit, worn in Coronation Street.

Another day and another “power suit” for Sally. All jokes aside, we quite appreciate Sally’s smart style! Sally first wore the above coordinating navy blue jacket and trousers from here back in 2015.

Featuring geometric pattern stitching and contrasting white trim detail, Sally has later opted to just wear the jacket on its own (as seen again in July 2018), rather than the full suit.

Featured: 4 Sept 2015, 11 May, 15 Jul, 15 Aug 2016 & 20 Jan, 22 Nov 2017 & 16 Jul 2018