Sally’s Red & Blue Floral Dress

Coronation Street (Corrie / Coro)

Sally's floral dress in Coronation Street - SoapStyleSally's floral dress in Corrie - Found - SoapStyle

The details on Sally’s floral dress with coordinated jacket, worn in Coronation Street.

Oh we love it when Sally buys a new outfit. She always insists on telling everyone all about it… what a shame this particular one got covered in home brew during its debut in June 2016! Fortunately, Sally sent it off to the cleaners and has happily worn this outfit in a few episodes since.

Featuring a bright and cheerful vintage floral print that’s perfect for most occasions, Sally’s outfit was from Linea here. The dress was worn by Sally again during April 2017.

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Featured: 12 Jun 2016
Also seen: 22 Jul 2016 & 12 Apr 2017