Mary’s Owl Jumper

Coronation Street

Mary’s Owl Jumper in Coronation Street – SoapStyleMary's Owl Jumper in Coronation Street - SoapStyle

The details on Mary’s dark red owl jumper, worn in Coronation Street.

Owls are somewhat of a recurring theme in Soapland and this isn’t the first time that Mary – or *ahem* Roxy Gillespie – has worn her adorable intarsia owl jumper… despite previously mentioning that her Mother has a strong aversion to owls during one of her famous long monologues in the Kabin!

This jumper appeared on screen again during February 2017, but our match above was from the TU range at Sainsbury’s way back in 2014.

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Featured: 28 Oct 2015
Also seen: 1 Feb, 16 Nov, 9 Dec 2016 & 16 Feb 2017