Mary’s Mrs Claus Christmas Jumper Dress

Coronation Street

Mary's Mrs Claus Christmas Jumper in Corrie - SoapStyleMary's Mrs Claus Christmas Jumper in Corrie - Details - SoapStyle

Mary’s ‘Mrs Claus’ Christmas Day jumper in Coronation Street.

It was slightly surprising when Mary’s Christmas jumper became one of our most-requested items over the Christmas period back in 2015! We were convinced that Ken & Eccles’ matching squeeky Rudolph jumpers would be our top novelty find.

Our match above was in Primark stores back in 2014, but we can’t say for sure if it was available again in 2015. Keen-eyed viewers may have noticed a lovely bit of continuity when Mary wore this once again in July (!) 2017 whilst staging “Wife & Husband” photos with Norris.

P.S. Apologies for the rather unflattering picture of Mary… it was the best full-length one we could get!

Featured: 25 Dec 2015
Also seen: 24 July 2017